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From the Commissioner's Desk

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Wendy Campana

Following the survey of farmers to ascertain the economic impact of damage caused by feral pigs, we are now close to finalising a report for our Feral Pig Working Group and DEWNR. The findings are being reviewed by an economist and the Group will meet shortly to determine next steps in the management program.  

Through my Office, along with KI Council and SA Water, significant progress has been made by the Reference Group established to provide feedback on the contents and direction of the SA Water Plan for KI. Further community consultation will occur soon, with SA Water on track to release its plan by mid-2018.

In conjunction with Council and funding support from the Federal Building Better Regions Fund, we will be holding a one-day business networking/training event at Dudley Function Centre on 15 May. The program will be released shortly and registrations called.  

I recently met with the KICE Student Executive Committee to look at the recommendations resulting from our survey work with students, supported by the Youth Affairs Council of SA. The Committee comprises a great group of young people, full of enthusiasm and ideas, and I look forward to working with them on a location for years 10, 11 and 12 to meet and consider strategies to ensure decision-makers engage with young people.

The Economic Growth Advisory Board formed under the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Act commences its review of the Economic Growth Outlook document for KI which was prepared some 12 months ago and sets out the opportunities and needs for the Island.

This document needs updating given the progress of developments and business opportunities emerging. The Outlook document includes messages from key KI Industry Associations with space for the Premier, Mayor and key Ministers to have input.  Once revised, we will work with government and industry associations to guide the Island’s future.

We still have a line of sight through our Economic Growth Advisory Board to ensure the “carrying capacity of the Island” is not compromised. This Board resolved to conduct some Island research (national and international) on work undertaken to protect those things that are important to KI’s social and environmental assets. Finally, congratulations to Premier Steven Marshall on the election. My Office will work through the suite of policies taken to the election to ensure alignment, and to facilitate ongoing opportunities for Kangaroo Islanders and those wishing to invest or engage with the Island.