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From the Commissioner's Desk

Friday, 15 February 2019

Wendy Campana

I was especially pleased to welcome SA Small Business Commissioner John Chapman to the event, who provided an overview of the many roles of his office and the powers that allow him to resolve disputes.

We utilised a fictitious accommodation business called ‘Fantastico’ as our example of the many things that can go wrong in business, and everyone attending was involved in problem-solving for that enterprise.  Often light-hearted and amusing, many pertinent lessons were learnt by all.

BBRF is also assisting with the up-coming program to be managed by Brian Cunningham, called the Leadership Growth Series.

This project is for individuals, with 11 island people being chosen from those who applied.

Brian is a well-known South Australian, with more than 20 years’ senior management experience in the private and public sectors, and he is looking forward to this six-month project, during which he will take the participants through a wide-ranging leadership program.

These are to be our leaders of the future … and I wish them all well as they commence this wonderful journey.

It was good to have Minister David Speirs on the Island recently.

He visited the golf course site with staff from the Department of Environment and Water and myself; attended an NRM board meeting; and met with other key folk on the Island.

He also attended an informal dinner, hosted by Richard Trethewey, Mayor Peter Clements and me, where KI industry association representatives raised issues of importance to their industry groups. At dinner, the Minister outlined the Government’s key policy objectives along with the importance of Kangaroo Island to the State’s economy and environmental assets.

Further visits are being planned for other Ministers to come to the Island and visit key projects and businesses, and to hear about issues affecting our community.