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Commissioner for KI's Regional Workshop Series - Update on Findings

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

In the closing 11 months of the role of Commissioner for Kangaroo Island and the operation of the Office with our one staff member Jennifer Trethewey, “regional workshops were offered across the Island to put to bed some ongoing rumours about my role beyond 1 July and that of Jen’s and to give an update to the community on where we have been, issues that are still ongoing and to identify unfinished business and ongoing needs” said Wendy Campana, Commissioner for KI.

The sessions were conducted jointly with PIRSA, KI NRM, DEW and Department of Trade, Tourism & Investment providing update presentations.

In running the session the Commissioner, Wendy Campana, highlighted that “in the beginning we provided our workshops and updates as a single office, it is important that today we are joined by some of the key government agencies that we have continued to work with.  This is a clear demonstration that close links have been formed with our office and among these agencies that will continue beyond my term of office”.

Workshops were conducted over three days, in Penneshaw, Kingscote, Parndana and American River.  Over 70 people attended the workshops and actively participated.

Wendy said “I want to specifically highlight the American River Workshop.  This was not on our original running list due to time constraints, however, following contact from Jen Stevenson we added a session and the American River Progress Association worked hard to ensure we had an audience given the late notice.  It was great to have 14 people in attendance and actively participating.

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