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Youth Leadership Forum Media Release

Monday, 16 September 2019

Consistent with the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island’s work with students from Kangaroo Island Community Education (KICE) conducted in association with Youth Affairs Council of SA and KICE, 2 students attended a Leadership Conference on 31 July and 1 August at Wirrina Cove, SA.

2 students, Josh Keenan and Charlotte Nesfield, attended the conference.

Quote from Josh Keenan, KICE Student

“The Youth Leadership Forum helps you access your inner leader and take charge of your life, teaching new, and enhancing existing skills in leadership, public speaking and more.”

Josh’s overview of the forum.

“We arrived at the forum Wednesday morning eager to learn and gain new skills. First up was a unique icebreaker activity to get to know the other participates and facilitator, Mia Hanshin. After the introductions, we had the pleasure of listening to our guest speaker, Tahlia Perry. Tahlia is a PhD student doing research on echidnas and their current condition in Australia. Mia continued teaching us how to lead with Presence, Purpose and Passion, sharing useful techniques and skills with the group. Later in the day, the focus switched more to communication and effective ways to communicate to a large audience. This carried on into communicating for change and how this is a very useful tool for leaders. After dinner we participated in some group activities, identifying our strengths and how we have in the past, and will in the future, use these. On the second day the focus was resilience, how we can build resilience and use it to our advantage as leaders, but also what resilience actually means and what it does not. After that, we worked on creating potential proposals of projects we thought could improve our region and proposed them to a representative from PIRSA. Over the two days, we learned many new skills and gained experience in leading, it was a very worthwhile experience.

Quote from Charlotte Nesfield, KICE Student

‘The Leadership Conference was an amazing opportunity and experience. We learned a lot about ourselves and what motivates us as leaders. We also learned leadership skills, such as positive speaking and positive mindset strategies. I encourage other kids to take these opportunities because we are really lucky on the island to get offered them’.

Quote from Maxine McSherry, KICE Principal

“Josh and Charlotte appreciated the funded opportunity to pursue their leadership aspirations.

They are wonderful ambassadors for KICE and rural leadership.”

Quote from Jennifer Trethewey, Office Manager – Office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island

“The Leadership Forum is conducted by Primary Industries and Regions SA and the Local Government Association of SA and our Office’s partnership with Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment and PIRSA meant we were alerted to the opportunity for which we promptly got onto our networks to promote it, with a key focus on KICE. This is a rare opportunity to assist young people to recognise the value that they can contribute to their community by striving to become future regional leaders and I thank KICE for alerting their students to the Conference and encouraging attendance.

“All costs associated (including travel and accommodation) are covered or reimbursed with grant funds. The cost associated with travelling to the mainland for training is a recognised barrier for Islanders which makes this a unique opportunity”

Information about the Youth Leadership Forum

Individuals who are eligible to attend have either:

*participated in the Regional Youth Traineeship Program in Round 1 or Round 2 and are currently working and residing within regional South Australia; or

*are between the ages of 17 and 26 and currently regionally employed: and

*gained at least one Certificate III Qualification.