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Kangaroo Island Futures Authority

The Kangaroo Island Futures Authority (KIFA) was established in 2011 following the release of the South Australian Economic Development Board's report Paradise Girt by Sea.

This report highlighted the unique challenges that faced the island such as the island's low ratepayer base and the limitations to service delivery. It laid the groundwork for the establishment of a body that could represent the interests of the island to State Government and seek to coordinate service delivery while addressing challenges to the island's economic development.

KIFA aimed to provide advice to the Deputy Premier John Rau on "the development and implementation of an integrated plan to improve social and economic outcomes for Kangaroo Island residents, while at the same time preserving the quality of an internationally recognised tourism asset."

The Members of KIFA were:

  • Raymond Spencer
  • Jane Jeffreys
  • Craig Wickham
  • Justin Harman
  • Jayne Bates

Although KIFA was dissolved in June 2015 the Authority made many achievements during its four years of activity. Many of these are detailed in the Kangaroo Island First Report and include establishing the Kangaroo Island Brand, supporting the development of the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail and driving the establishment of a 'Commissioner for Kangaroo Island' position.

Another key achievement was the drafting of the Kangaroo Island Sustainable Futures Amendment. This Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is part of a larger planning project that includes a draft amendment to the Kangaroo Island Plan and the draft Kangaroo Island Structure Plan - Unlocking Opportunities. More information on the DPA can be found here.

More information on KIFA and their activities can be found on their archived website.