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Planning for Kangaroo Island

Unlocking Opportunities

During 2012 and 2013, the State Government, Kangaroo Island Futures Authority, Kangaroo Island Council and many islanders worked together to identify and unlock opportunities for Kangaroo Island's future.

In 2013 a new approach was proposed for the future of the Island - to address the overarching themes of opportunity, people, improved access, agriculture and tourism. This new approach is designed to re-align planning policy with the directions of the Kangaroo Island Futures Authority to guide future development of Kangaroo Island.

The work resulted in three draft documents which were available for community feedback from 16 September to 11 November 2013. These documents were approved by Cabinet (January 2014).

  • The Kangaroo Island Plan Addendum which provides the strategic directions for the Island's future economic and social sustainability.
  • Kangaroo Island Structure Plan which will assist the delivery of the strategies in the Kangaroo Island Plan by providing a framework for a sustainable economic future based on tourism and agricultural growth, balanced with the protection of the Island's natural resources. Click here for map (please note - large file).
  • Sustainable Futures Development Plan Amendment (DPA) which will amend the Kangaroo Island Council Development Plan in order to implement the Structure Plan through zoning and new policies. The Development Plan will be used to assess proposals for new developments. Click here for map (please note - large file).

These documents aim to:

  • encourage sustainable growth in Kingscote, Penneshaw, Parndana and American River and make the best use of their existing and expanded infrastructure
  • maintain a balance between supporting its growth, competitiveness and productivity and protecting the Island's natural resources
  • reinforce the expanded role of Kingscote and Penneshaw as the main passenger and freight gateways to the Island
  • provide opportunities for tourism accommodation in the Coastal Conservation, Conservation, Primary Production and Water Protection Zones, taking into account the priorities for these areas e.g. conservation, farming, scenic amenity by removing current size limitations
  • ensure development surrounding the airport does not hinder future expansion of the Kingscote Airport runway
  • discourage further expansion of the Island’s forestry plantations
  • provide for a wider range of rural industries across the Island
  • encourage additional tourist related activities around the Kingscote and Penneshaw wharves
  • incorporate high-quality design to protect coastal landscapes.

Engagement with the community

In order to ratify the support for the proposed documents an extensive engagement process was undertaken from Monday 16 September 2013 to Monday 11 November 2013 and aimed to:

  • provide information to interested parties to assist them to understand these documents including the aims, objectives and key initiatives proposed
  • obtain community and stakeholder feedback on the proposed priorities and policies
  • enable feedback to be considered and to influence these documents.

Five community open events were undertaken at the following locations:

138 people attended the Open events conducted at Kingscote, Penneshaw, Parndana, American River and Adelaide CBD including:

  • Kingscote Open Day 24 September 2013 (38 attendances)
  • Penneshaw Open Day 24 September 2013 (18 attendances)
  • Parndana Open Day 16 October 2013 (15 attendances)
  • American River Open Evening 16 October 2013 (25 attendances)
  • Adelaide CBD Open Evening 23 October 2013 (42 attendances).

Planning officers from the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure and from KI Council attended each of the open house events.

Overall, 145 individual questions and comments were recorded at the open day events. These supported 19 formal written submissions received by DPAC. An engagement report will be made available shortly.

Emu Bay Structure Plan by Council

The Kangaroo Island Council also worked on a proposed Structure Plan for the coastal settlement of Emu Bay, which sets the framework for future land use and infrastructure decisions for the settlement.

The Minister for Planning recently approved the Council commencing investigations to inform the Emu Bay Development Plan Amendment (DPA), council will lead an engagement process on the Emu Bay DPA later in 2014.

How this works together

New role for the Development Assessment Commission (DAC)

On 19 February 2014 the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) became the assessment authority for tourism development in the Coastal Conservation Zone and Conservation Zone on the island.

In making their decisions, the DAC will draw on the local expertise of Kangaroo Island Council and experts across government to work towards high quality developments in coastal locations.