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Who is the Commissioner?

South Australia's first Commissioner for Kangaroo Island is Wendy Campana. Wendy commenced the role of Commissioner on 8 May 2015 and has been appointed for a five year term.

The Minister responsible for the legislation that creates the role is the Hon Stephen Knoll, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and Local Government.

The Commissioner is tasked with identifying, developing and implementing management plans to promote the Island and coordinate the efficient and effective delivery of government services and infrastructure on the Island.

Wendy CampanaWendy Campana

Wendy has extensive experience working with Federal, State and Local governments and considerable knowledge and experience working in the areas of intergovernmental relations, economic development, governance, industrial relations, education and training.

Previously the CEO of the Local Government Association, Wendy built strong relationships across all spheres of government to ensure effective service delivery and funding to local communities.  She also played a leadership role in enhancing the performance of local government, initiating projects for best practice in governance and management approaches, and commissioned various independent inquiries and research projects to demonstrate needs and determine appropriate responses.  All the work undertaken within the local government sector was subject to extensive consultation and engagement by councils in metropolitan and regional areas.

Wendy has held memberships with numerous professional associations in addition to various board appointments, building on her broad network of contacts in both the public and private sectors. As the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island, Wendy brings the ability to connect community organisations, government and the private sector to achieve outcomes.

Wendy will work with the Kangaroo Island community, businesses on the Island and in the region, the Kangaroo Island Councils, State/Federal governments and with key Kangaroo Island Industry bodies and other stakeholders to ensure that the economic, social and environmental needs of the community are clearly defined and met. The Commissioner will also be working closely with the community to maximise the benefits realised by over $171 million of projects that are underway or in the planning stages on Kangaroo Island over the next three to five years creating population growth and over 300 new jobs.