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Kangaroo Island Long Term Water Plan

In 2018, SA Water undertook a review of its Long Term Water Supply Plan for Kangaroo Island. With the support of OCKI, SA Water conducted a year-long consultation process to assist with the review. It’s a timely review in light of the number of major development proposals on the island and feedback from the local community about water security.

As part of the review, SA Water:
* updated the demand and supply projections;
* revisited options to increase supply;
* confirmed the preferred supply augmentation option; and
* considered alternative augmentation options.

The updated Plan addresses current stakeholder issues and concerns, and provides a roadmap for how SA Water will continue to service the Kangaroo Island community through to 2043.The Plan also provides strategic direction for capital, maintenance and operational requirements and is adaptable to meet the needs of current and future generations.

For more information visit the SA Water website.
View the KI Long Term Water Plan (PDF, 4062 KB).
View the KI Long Term Water Plan Summary (PDF, 3613 KB).

The Kangaroo Island Long-term plan is available on the SA Water website.

Offshore Exploration - Great Australian Bight

Offshore exploration activities are currently underway in the Great Australian Bight. A listing of all submitted environment plan proposals is available here. Offshore Project Proposals that are open for public comment are available here.

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