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Housing Expo – All Welcome

When: November 15th 2018

Where: Kingscote Town Hall

Time: 3.00pm – 7.00pm

The Expo comes as a direct result of work undertaken by the Housing Local Advisory Board who identified a need for more information to be provided to residents about the housing challenges on the Island, and this triggered the need for discussions regarding:

  • Affordable housing options for Island residents;
  • Housing design to meet financial challenges of a build on KI;
  • Options for access to finance;
  • The need for more residential rental properties;
  • New jobs emerging through new projects and the consequent need for housing;
  • Energy efficient approaches in design;
  • State and Local Government decision making processes;
  • Current affordable housing and aged housing proposals; and
  • Government housing – future options and current plans.

Invitations to exhibit at the Expo have been extended to designers and builders both on and off the Island, relevant State and Local Government Planning departments, Utilities providers, Real Estate Agents, financial institutions, Council and other relevant housing organisations that will provide specialist information.


Consultation & Workshops

No consultations currently running.

Offshore Exploration - Great Australian Bight

Offshore exploration activities are currently underway in the Great Australian Bight. A listing of all submitted environment plan proposals is available here. Offshore Project Proposals that are open for public comment are available here.

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