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How is a Local Advisory Board Established?

 The Commissioner for Kangaroo Island can establish Local Advisory Boards pursuant to Section 15 of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Act, which states:

(1) The Commissioner— 

     (a) may establish such Local advisory boards as the Commissioner thinks fit; and

     (b) must consult with a Local advisory board in relation to each management plan or proposed management plan.

(2) The Commissioner may appoint such members of a local advisory board as the Commissioner thinks fit.

(3) The Commissioner must undertake consultation (in such manner as the Commissioner thinks fit) with the Kangaroo Island Council in relation to any proposed appointment under this section.

(4) The Commissioner must not appoint a person as a member of a Local advisory board unless the Commissioner is of the opinion that the person has qualifications, knowledge or experience relevant to the functions of the board.

(5) The Commissioner will determine who will be the presiding member of a local advisory board.

(6) The procedures to be observed in relation to the conduct of the business of a local advisory board will be—

     (a) as determined by the board; and

     (b) insofar as a procedure is not determined under paragraph (a)—as determined by the Commissioner.

(7) If the Public Sector (Honesty and Accountability) Act 1995 would not, apart from this section, apply to a member of a local advisory board, that Act applies to the member in the same way as to an advisory body member within the meaning of that Act.

For more information on Local Advisory Boards view the Information Paper on the Establishment of Local Advisory Boards under the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Act (PDF, 455 KB).