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Community Connect Series

Monday, 16 September 2019

The Aurora Ozone and the Office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island are joining together to present a series of evening sessions to connect the community with key persons that are likely to be of interest.

The sessions will be held at the Aurora Ozone Hotel and comprise a speaker and “on the couch” component along with questions from the community.

In identifying and planning for the series, the Commissioner’s Office and the Aurora Ozone Hotel were mindful of importance of identifying speakers and topics that were real for the Island and regional communities and to find interesting people to interact.

The first speaker in the series will be Ms Helen Connolly, Commissioner for Children and Young People and will be held Tuesday, 22 October at the Aurora Ozone Hotel.

“The Aurora Ozone, through the 1834 Group, are keen to engage with the local community as we see ourselves as part of the community. Along with our staff we are interested in hearing from people across a range of industries and jobs that influence our life on the Island and in rural and regional communities”
“It’s great to collaborate with Wendy in her role as Commissioner for KI and with Jennifer, her Office Manager, through making the Ozone available for these important community functions”.

“Helen is a tremendous speaker and has been engaging with children and young people across SA, including Kangaroo Island. She will be spending the day and night on the Island and Mary-Lou, Jen and myself are arranging for a whole range of people for her to meet”.
“Mary-Lou is very community oriented and when I approached her to see if she would be a partner in this Community Connect series she was quick to take up the offer and to work with Jen and I to identify key speakers to bring to the Island”.

More information about Commissioner Connolly’s visit and up and coming speakers is available on the Commissioner’s webpage or by contacting the office on 08 8553 4404.