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2017/18 BBRF Funding - That's a Wrap!

Monday, 30 September 2019

The Office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island (OCKI) has today released a final report to the Kangaroo Island Council regarding the activities and participation in the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) grant.  The grant was awarded in September 2017 to the Council, with a start date in November 2017.  The BBRF supported a range of programs up to the end of April 2019.

The Australian Government has given the “all clear” on reporting requirements which now finalises the process.

The grant was submitted by the Council in March 2017 and project management support was provided by OCKI along with a $103,975 cash contribution, increased from the $40,000 originally committed.  The Council contributed $40,000 towards the project.

Businesses across the Island also contributed over $95,000 towards various programs and coaching sessions that they were involved in.  This was up from the $26,978 originally identified in the grant application.

Business sectors participating or benefiting from the programs came from: agriculture, food, wine, beverages, retail, real estate, aquaculture, tourism, hospitality, and poultry.


Partnering on this program was consistent with the Council’s objectives to support economic growth and business development on the Island. The nature and number of programs delivered have been wide ranging and it has been excellent to see such a high level of interest and engagement from the business community in this program,” said Greg Georgopoulos, CEO, Kangaroo Island Council.


“269 businesses were involved in the various training, coaching, expo and other sessions conducted through the program which reached 585 individual participants” said Wendy Campana.

The program covered 3 streams and provided a range of activities and coaching support covering areas like:

  • Contracts for small businesses
  • Financial management
  • Using an engaging investors
  • Immersion events in like businesses
  • Guidance for industry association amalgamations
  • Conduct of a regional skills audit
  • Leadership program
  • Strategic growth and marketing advice and guidance
  • Positions KI brands for domestic and international markets

“Project managing so many elements of the program was challenging at times and thanks go to Sue Arlidge for assisting with the scope and delivery of some of the programs” said Jennifer Trethewey, Office Manager, OCKI.

OCKI is working with the industry associations on KI under the lead of the KI Business and Brand Alliance, on the Kangaroo Island Growth Project - Stage 2, the current BBRF program.  Funding received for the 19/20 program is $135,000 with a contribution of $45,000 in cash and $44,600 in-kind coming from OCKI.  Jennifer Trethewey is once again providing project management.


“In Bellevista’s case, we had a desire to value add to our grain enterprise.  In the first instance we attempted to research it ourselves by employing so called experts.  We soon became overwhelmed by regulation, the market minefield and the need for a lot of finance!  When we approached the Commissioner’s Office, we were put in contact with a business on the mainland, advised on whom to employ to draft a business plan and all the steps we needed to take.  We then were able to make some business decisions and, in our case, decided not to continue.  However the help we had was invaluable and enlightening” said Rodney Bell, Bellevista Graziers.

“False Cape Wines has been involved with the KI Commissioners office through both the BBRF and Beverage Project.  We have been able to attend conferences, get our website up and running and promote our wine on the Fleurieu Peninsula with their help. It has also provided us with important networking opportunities for our business both on Kangaroo Island and the mainland” said Julie Helyar, False Cape Wines. “We have attended several of the BBRF forum sessions and as a result met with all the developers, owners and managers for the proposed developments on the Island. Having been in business for slightly over thirty years both on the Island and mainland, I know how difficult it is to get a meeting or an introduction to a developer. Having a one on one meeting with these people is often the difference between getting to tender on these jobs or not being considered at all. I would like to say that we have had nothing but positive interactions with Wendy and her staff” said Tony Willson, A&G Willson Earthmovers.