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Premier Jay Weatherill launches Transformation Project on Settlement Day

Information Session 

On Wednesday 27 July 2016 Premier Jay Weatherill visited Kangaroo Island to participate in Settlement Day proceedings and present the 2016 Young Achiever Award. This day marked 180 years since South Australia was first colonised.

The Premier also launched the Transformation Project Business Support Services at a community information session attended by 120 islanders. The Transformation Project will provide business support services across the following industry groups:

  • Tourism and Hospitality;
  • Agriculture and Food Production;
  • Construction, Transport and Logistics;
  • Retail and Services; and
  • Beverages.

The Premier announced a total of $188,000 of State Government support for the Transformation Project stating that “Kangaroo Island is facing a unique opportunity for growth and it’s critical that businesses and prospective businesses are well placed to benefit and grow the local economy”.

Transformation Project

Since the Transformation Project was launched, 50 businesses have registered to participate in the program. Those involved have completed an industry-specific assessment tool followed by one-on-one interviews with industry experts to identify how their businesses could prepare and benefit from growth on the island.

Find out more information on the Transformation Project here.

Kangaroo Island Beverages Project update

The Transformation Project includes a business development program for some of Kangaroo Island’s beverage producers. Nine businesses have signed up to be involved in the project, with two additional businesses expected to join in the coming months. 

Businesses include:

  • Bay of Shoals Winery
  • The Drunken Drone
  • Dudley Wines
  •  False Cape
  •  Hazyblur Wines
  • Islander Estate Vineyard
  • Kangaroo Island Brewery
  • Kangaroo Island Cider
  • KI Spirits
  • Island Pure
  • The Stoke Wines

Businesses will receive mentoring from an industry expert and undertake a training program to support business development.

As part of this project participants will showcase their premium products to licensed premises on the island on Thursday 13 October. Licensed premises will have the opportunity to learn about the products and meet these passionate producers.

Kangaroo Island’s beverage producers will also have the opportunity to showcase their range of beverages to retailers operating in the Adelaide CBD on Wednesday 26 October. This event will be launched by the Hon Leon Bignell MP, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries and the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island, Wendy Campana.

Airport Upgrade Pilot

The Airport Upgrade Pilot was an initial stage of the Transformation Project, which sought to support business readiness for those involved in the construction industry on Kangaroo Island. Support services were delivered to 10 KI businesses to enhance their ability to tender for work to arise from the Kangaroo Island Airport Upgrade.

This pilot project produced some positive results for businesses involved, including:

  • 7 Businesses secured Kangaroo Island Council Pre qualified contractors
  • 2 Business owners put through Recognition of prior learning (RPL) process to increase Building License qualification
  • 1 Business owner has secured a Building Supervisors Licence
  • 13 Business owners and staff completed Department of State Development and TAFE SA 2 day Tender Ready workshop

The approach used in this pilot has been adapted so that it can be extended to other industry groups for developments that will to begin in the next three to five years.

Open All Year

Open all year 

The Hon Leon Bignell MP launched the Open All Year Digital Portal on 7 September 2016. Open All Year seeks to improve visitation to Kangaroo Island throughout the year to increase economic activity on the island during the ‘off season’.

Register to access the digital portal, access factsheets or find out more about the project on the seasonal Kangaroo Island website.

Update on Kangaroo Island Developments

Kangaroo Island Airport Upgrade

The Kangaroo Island Airport Upgrade is set to begin work later this year, with the project expected to be completed by October 2017.

Kangaroo Island Council will call for an Airside Tender, and Terminal Expression of Interest in the coming week. For more information see the KI Council’s website.

Wilderness Trail to open in October

Wilderness Trail 

The Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail will be opened by Premier Jay Weatherill on Thursday 13 October. Bookings are now open for the 61 kilometre five-day trek. The walk tours alongside the spectacular coastline of the Southern Ocean. For more information on the trail and to book your place visit the KI Wilderness Trail website.

Watch the welcome tour of the trail here.

Kingscote Wharf Revitalisation

Bickfords’ Unsolicited Proposal

A proposal by Bickford’s Australia to develop a visitor and function centre together with a microbrewery and distillery at Kingscote Wharf is currently being assessed under the State Government’s Unsolicited Proposal framework.

Public consultation on the proposal closed on Friday 8 July. The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources was pleased with the level of engagement during the consultation process and the number of responses received. View feedback on the proposal on the yourSAy website.

Feedback will be provided to the Coordinator General’s assessment panel to determine if the proposal will progress to Stage 3 of the framework.

Registrations of Interest for acquisition of Kingscote Wharf Land


Registrations of interest were sought for investors looking to acquire the balance of the land on the Kingscote Wharf. Registrations of Interest were available for a period of 10 weeks from the 27 June 2016.

Those who registered their interest will be notified of the outcome by the end of October, and the outcome will be made publicly available soon thereafter.

American River Resort

The developer continues to put together their application and it is anticipated that this will go to public consultation in mid October. Find out more about the assessment stages here.

Kangaroo Island Golf Course Resort

Developers have marked out the proposed course and are progressing detail design for the water pipeline with SA Water and planning for other key infrastructure. Once complete, construction scheduling will commence. Water infrastructure is an obvious priority over and above any other. Find out more about the assessment stages here.

3 Year Strategic Plan for Agriculture on Kangaroo Island


The Commissioner for Kangaroo Island in association with Agriculture Kangaroo Island (AgKI) is in the process of developing a three year strategic plan for agriculture on KI. The strategy seeks to maximise opportunities for agribusinesses on the Island and identify key priorities for the industry.

A workshop was held on Thursday 1 September and was attended by almost 50 representatives from KI's agriculture industry. Attendees had the opportunity to comment on the draft strategy, which will be finalised in consultation with AgKI.

The strategy will be made publicly available on our website in coming months.

Local Advisory Boards


Part 3 of the Act allows the Commissioner to establish Local Advisory Boards. The Local Advisory Board for Housing was established in June 2016 and has since met twice.

The Board is currently providing advice to the Commissioner on the Draft Management Plan for Housing on Kangaroo Island. The Commissioner will consider this advice and if appropriate, amend the draft plan before it becomes an expression of policy. Find out more about the Board here.

Economic Growth

The Commissioner is charged with assisting in the development of KI’s local economy. To support this function, the Commissioner will establish a Local Advisory Board for Economic Growth. Board membership will comprise representation from the Council, key bodies, associations, and State Government agencies relevant to KI’s economic development. Nominations have been sought from members of the public for up to two positions on the Board.

The Commissioner has consulted with the Kangaroo Island Council Local Advisory Board Consultation Panel on the appointments and these will be confirmed in the next few weeks. To view the Terms of Reference for this Board and to view the membership when it is finalised, visit our website.

Native Vegetation

Native Vegetation 

The Commissioner will establish a Local Advisory Board for Native Vegetation Management, to advise on issues relating to native vegetation on the island. Representation will be sought from relevant Government agencies, boards and committees with a position for one member of the public. The Commissioner will consult with the Kangaroo Island Council Local Advisory Board Consultation Panel in October on appointments to the Board, which will subsequently be made available on the website.

To view the Terms of Reference for this Board and to view the membership when it is finalised, visit our website.

Draft Management Plan for Housing on Kangaroo Island

The public consultation period on the Draft Management Plan for Housing concluded on 15 July 2016. The Commissioner for Kangaroo Island is currently seeking feedback on the draft plan from the Local Advisory Board for Housing on Kangaroo Island.

Should the Commissioner adopt any proposals to amend the Draft Management Plan, then further consultation will need to take place with prescribed bodies, the Local Advisory Board, the KI Council and relevant Ministers in accordance with Part 4 of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Act.

The current draft plan is available on the OCKI website. Should the plan be amended subsequent drafts will also be made publicly available on the website.

Media Position for Promotion of Kangaroo Island

Barbara Sibley has been engaged to provide media, marketing and public relations advice to the Office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island and businesses on the island.

Barbara has been in the role for almost four months and has made valuable contributions in promoting the island, its people, products and experiences. Particularly, Barbara has worked closely on the Transformation Project and with the Beverage Industry Group, who will soon be showcasing products to retailers on both the island and mainland.

If you have good news story that promotes the achievements of individuals or businesses on Kangaroo Island, please contact the Office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island.

Tourism Champion

Sea Dragon 

We congratulate Sea Dragon Lodge which has been celebrated as one of SA’s Tourism Champions by the South Australian Tourism Commission. Find out more here.

Jamie Heinrich wins 2017 Nuffield Australia Scholarship

Jamie Heinrich 

Jamie Nuffield from Parndana has received a 2017 Nuffield Australia Scholarship. This scholarship will allow Jamie to investigate the key factors needed to attract and retain young people in the sheep industry.

Jamie will travel across the globe to undertake this research, visiting the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, the United States, the European Union and South America.

Find out more about the scholarship here.

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