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Office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island

A Message from Commissioner

Wendy Campana As we start the new year, I would like to congratulate Joy Willson for her Citizen of the Year award, Adrienne Bates and the hard-working committee for Event of the Year award for the 100th Kingscote Show, Beth Davis, who received the Exemplary Service to the Community award, and Project of the Year winner, Jayne Bates, for her work alongside committee members for the delivery of the Islands of the World Conference. We have great people on the Island and it’s wonderful to see them acknowledged by Council during the Australian Day celebrations.

We have great people on the Island and it’s wonderful to see them acknowledged by Council during the Australian Day celebrations.

We also had quite a large number of youngsters starting school at KICE for the first time.  They will commence their journey to become KI citizens and, as we have seen through the work we have done with youth at the school, we are in great hands for the future and have excellent teachers and facilities guiding our young minds.

I look forward to the next phase of working through the recommendations from our Youth Report with the students and doing so with KICE and the Youth Affairs Council of SA.

The November Community and Business Expo was a tremendous success and saw over 400 people meet with the various industry association representatives, developers, State Government representatives and a selection of the local developers working on the Island.  This Expo provided an extremely important networking event for the Community, highlighting the growth opportunities and capacity-building potential for businesses on KI. 

We are now entering the next phase of our work supporting businesses looking at growth and working with industry associations on KI to explore opportunities for further collaboration.  This work is supported by the Building Better Regions Fund.

A workforce plan has been developed for the Island and our Economic Growth Advisory Board formed under the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Act (the Act) will be working through the various recommendations and advising me on priority actions. 

The Housing Advisory Board will also meet in February and work through the next phase of the implementation of the Management Plan for Housing on Kangaroo Island adopted under the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Act, including auditing the research undertaken to date and identifying any gaps.

Our media project will commence soon with up to 10 businesses being guided by Barbara Sibley on how to enhance their presence in print and radio media in particular.  The project will last for about six months and provide important coaching and mentoring to our pilot group.  We will review whether the project will be extended in future years.

Finally, it was an exciting day on 20 February on the Island when the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay was held in Penneshaw and Kingscote.  David Gibson delivered the Baton on the final leg and all up, 24 KI residents played a role in the relay.  In addition, the Queen Mary II was in Penneshaw and the Fringe Festival held its first one-day event on the Island with a series of activities in Penneshaw.

I look forward to the coming year and to working to ensure growth occurs on the Island in a balanced way and that we all work hard to protect our environment and the social fabric of this great Island.

Wendy Campana
Commissioner for Kangaroo Island


2016-2017 Annual Report 

Last October, I released my Annual Report for the 2016-2017 year. This report was tabled in Parliament by the Deputy-Premier John Rau MP and is now available on our website.

This comprehensive report documents the key activities of Office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island (OCKI) during the previous financial year, which align with the Commissioner’s functions under the Act.

The Annual Report also outlines the manner in which the office can assist residents and businesses to deal with government agencies.


The fourth of December 2017 was a momentous day, when QantasLink commenced its flights from Adelaide, with the first plane touching down at Kingscote Airport, and Premier Jay Weatherill, Deputy Premier John Rau, Minister for Tourism Leon Bignell, Mayor Peter Clements and Council CEO Andrew Boardman all stepping off to mark this historic occasion.

A photo at the airport with a man dressed in a Kangaroo QantasLink also ran its new Melbourne to Kingscote route from mid-December until the end of January 2018, and Island businesses report a marked increase in visitation during the period.

Commissioner's Expo

The KI Community and Business Expo was held in Kingscote on 4 December 2017.
It was a great success, opened by Leon Bignell MP, Minister for Tourism, with 28 exhibitors and more than 400 locals attending.  

The Expo provided an opportunity for business and the Community to engage with developers, KI industry associations, State Government and several Island businesses which are expanding.

A Man And a Lady at SA Water

Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) 

As reported in the last e-news, the Kangaroo Island Council’s application to the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund was successful and will deliver support to businesses, individuals and industry associations and continue on the work of the Transformation Project. 

There are three streams to the funding:

  1. Local Events:  business networking, half day events, immersion activities and meet the investor events.
  2. Strategic Planning/Collaboration: support for collaboration with industry bodies; conduct of a workforce skills audit;
  3. Leadership and Capability: emerging leaders program, business leadership courses and mentoring/coaching.

A series of specialist skills will be engaged throughout the various projects and information will be distributed to all industry associations and our email listings as projects commence.

The program has State, Local and Federal funding and some contributions will be made by businesses through their participation.  Over $400k of investment is being made into this program.

Business Excellence Fund

The Office of the Commissioner assisted the Kangaroo Island Industry and Brand Alliance (KIIBA), Tourism Kangaroo Island (TKI), Kangaroo Island Food & Wine Association (KIFWA) and Council to put forward applications to seek funding for a series of priority issues.  We were able to utilise the BBRF allocations as contributions towards these projects.


OCKI has been working with youth at Kangaroo Island Community Education (KICE) to identify issues of importance to them.  It has been a tremendous project that culminated in a presentation to the Premier and the Deputy Premier at the Kingscote campus on 5 December 2017. The students who presented the report did a terrific job and we are now to commence working with a small group of students to further explore the recommendations.  We are in very good hands for the future – we have some great young people on KI.

Community Education Group with the Premier and Deputy


It is intended that this group be brought together shortly to work further on some of the priorities identified by them.  Since their last meeting, OCKI has worked via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fringe Festival organisers, with their launch event in Penneshaw on 20 February 2018.



This project is now moving into an interesting phase with the group signing a MOU designed to enhance its collaboration.  Assoicates can also be part of the MOU which seeks to continue the promotion of Island beverages in Adelaide CBD and secure listings and recognition of KI.

Feral Pigs Survey 

Working with a small group of farmers, a survey was developed to ascertain the economic impact of the feral pig on properties, including management strategies.  The survey was released late 2017.  A total of 40 responses were received from the 240 surveys sent out. The surveys were sent to all landholders in areas where we are aware feral pigs are present, however some respondents indicated that they were not actively farming these properties and declined to respond.  We are pleased with the response rate.

Currently the results are being analysed by an economic expert in order to present an economic impact report.  More information will be provided on this work once finalised.

Media Project

OCKI has made its final selection of businesses for this project.

The Office received over 20 applications for up to 10 positions on the project.  We are pleased that we have been able to identify a mix of small, large and medium-sized organisations across a number of industry types.  The project will deliver a media action plan to each business, articles for media distribution, and impart knowledge and experience about managing the media.  Three of the participants are also working in the Digital Media Project that TKI/KIFWA are conducting which was a key objective of the project.  We will work with these businesses and TKI/KIFWA to identify the links between digital, print and radio media. 

The project will be managed by Barbara Sibley and run between February and August this year.

Workforce Management Plan

Following feedback received on the draft Workforce Development Plan, OCKI has now developed an action plan to achieve the goals and strategies. We will now work with our various Advisory Boards to determine priorities and the various partners we need to engage.

Kangaroo Island Developments

Kangaroo Island has approximately $171 million of projects planned or approved over the next five years.

Up-to-date information on these developments and their assessment status is available on the OCKI website.

Management Plan for Housing on Kangaroo Island

The first phase of the implementation plan for the Management Plan for Housing on Kangaroo Island is almost complete.  The Management Plan for Housing was adopted under the Act and is now government policy.

This stage enabled a range of issues to be identified that require research to move the Housing Plan forward.  We now have a good appreciation of:

  • Projections for employment arising from the new developments;
  • Workforce planning issues, including current needs and future strategies to entice workers to the Island for current and future jobs;
  • The demographic profile that will result from the economic growth occurring on the Island which suggests an additional 837 households and 890 additional houses with a projected decrease in the proportion of 65 year olds with greater numbers in the working age and school age cohorts;
  • Affordable housing issues and opportunities;
  • Construction challenges for an Island build;
  • Planning and building approvals occurring over the last couple of years via Council;
  • Movements in rental, land and house sales, including pricing and the length of time properties are on the market;
  • Financial policies and practices of banks servicing Island housing and other loans;
  • Costs of housing types through working with a local housing provider;
  • The promotional materials required to attract people to the Island (through the work of Kangaroo Island Industry & Brand Alliance); and
  • The opportunities to utilise land and properties of State and Local governments for housing.

A consulting firm has been engaged to review our research and identify any gaps and key themes for the ‘delivery’ phase.

As part of this work, OCKI conducted a survey on development applications to seek information on housing type, size, contractor, and intended use of houses for those who have lodged a development application.

Local Advisory Boards

Native Vegetation Managment

The Advisory Board on Native Vegetation has completed its work and has been wound up with a big thank you from OCKI to the members who worked hard to identify issues, explore current practices and make recommendations on the issues still requiring attention.

OCKI is currently working with key government agencies to finalise a community information paper that will be circulated in the coming month.

Economic Growth

The Local Advisory Board for Economic Growth continues to meet to address the opportunities set out in the Kangaroo Island Economic Development Outlook. In November, Minister Leon Bignell attended and addressed the Board and thanked them for their work. On that day, two presentations were made – one from SA Power Networks on the replacement of the undersea cable and the other from SA Water, with an update on the water plan for the Island.


The Local Advisory Board for Housing will continue to look at the implementation of the Management Plan for Housing on Kangaroo Island.  This Management Plan has been adopted under the Act and is now government policy.

At their last Board meeting in December, the Premier, Deputy Premier and Minister for Tourism attended the meeting. The Board considered a demographic report which highlighted that even without any development, it is estimated that at least 180 more houses would be needed by 2031 to cope with the Island’s growing population. With the $171 million worth of development in the pipeline, that figure expands to 890 houses in the same timeframe. This demand means that it is important that we address these growing housing needs.

The Board is now finalising Part 1 of the Implementation Plan for Housing and is beginning to look at the development of Part 2 – Implementation and Delivery to establish possible solutions to address the needs.
To find out more about Board Members of the Local Advisory Boards or to view the Terms of Reference visit the Local Advisory Board page of our website.


Year 12 KICE Students
Congratulations to all year 12 Kangaroo Island students. The class of 2017 has an outstanding 100 per cent SACE pass. I would like to further extend congratulations to Matilda Southgate who achieved dux for 2017. We wish all students the best for your future endeavours.

Tourism Awards Recipients
Congratulations to all those nominated for the Tourism Awards for South Australia. In particular, congratulations to the following award winners:

  • Dudley Wines – Winner of the Tourism Wineries, Distilleries and Breweries category
  • Tourism Kangaroo Island – Bronze in the Visitor Information Services category
  • Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari – Bronze in the Tour and Transport Operators category
  • Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Bronze in the New Tourism Business category
  • Kangaroo Island Stall 17 in the Adelaide Central Market – Bronze in Excellence in Food Tourism.

Chinta Air Tours also were awarded a bronze in the Specialised Tourism Services category and have just commenced flights on Kangaroo Island.

New Businesses
Congratulations to Amadio Wine Bar, Cactus Café and the new face of Bella Café & Pizza Bar. It is great to see new businesses on the main street of Kingscote.

Kangaroo Island Fire
In early February the Island experienced a fire at Middle River. I wish Hannaford & Sachs and LifeTime Private Retreats all the best in their recovery from this terrible event. I also extend the Island’s gratitude to the Country Fire Service and the locals who fought the fire.

Kangaroo Island picture at park with a man dressed in a blue koala costume

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