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Transformation Project

Kangaroo Island is currently undergoing an economic transition, with over $171 million of projects either proposed, approved or under planning assessment expected to be delivered over the next five years. An additional 300+ jobs will be created on Kangaroo Island during this period of growth, in addition to 180 short term construction jobs.

Under the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Act, the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island, Wendy Campana is responsible for assisting in improving the local economy. The Transformation Project aims to deliver benefits to Kangaroo Island businesses, industry and the local workforce that will arise from developments taking place on the island. This will be achieved by a three-pronged approach.

Transformation Project Graphic

A complete overview of the Transformation Project and its component elements is available here (June 2017).

1. Business Support Services

Development Mapping and Needs Analysis

Status: Completed
Partners: OCKI, KIIBA
Funding & In-kind: $19,360
Grants: NA
Business Participation: NA

This project mapped and analysed the developments taking place on the island.

The project identified indicative workforce and business needs so that programs could be developed to support Island businesses to develop their skills and review growth options.

Pilot Project: Airport Upgrade

Status: Completed
Funding & In-kind:
$21,876 (Federal Government)
Business Participation:

The Pilot Project was designed to support construction and associated industry businesses to build their capacity ahead of new opportunities.

This project was delivered ahead of the tendering process for the KI Airport Upgrade aiming to increase the engagement of local businesses in the development.

This pilot project was used to inform the methodology for the support program to be delivered to other industry sectors.

View the Presentation (PDF, 1282 KB) from the Information Session held in January 2016.
View the Project Report (PDF, 683 KB).

Beverages Project

Status: Underway
Partners: OCKI, PIRSA, DSD
Funding & In-kind: $138,000
Business Participation: 9

A group of Beverages businesses are working together to develop new supply chain opportunities with an initial
focus on the Adelaide CBD market.

This project also seeks to increase the promotion of KI beverages on the mainland and interstate.

All Industry Groups

* Agriculture and food production
* Tourism and hospitality
* Construction, Transport and logistics
* Retail and services

Status: Underway
Partners: OCKI, KIC, DSD
Funding & In-kind: $180,000
Business Participation: 34

Four Industry specialist project managers (IPM’s) were engaged to identify cross industry business growth needs and to develop suitable training programs to address the findings.
Industry sectors covered:

* Retail and services
* Tourism and hospitality
* Agriculture and food production
* Construction, Transport and logistics

The industry self-assessment tools are available here.
The key report findings show there is a need for a new GROWTH focused program which builds not only business skills, but strategies to drive growth in micro businesses.

Growth Program*

*Pending grant application approval

Status: Not Started
Partners: OCKI, KIC
Funding & In-kind: $251,150
Grant Sought: $155,300 (Federal Government)
Business Participation: TBC

The Growth Program seeks to deliver a series of targeted GROWTH focused events, workshops, training and coaching programs to support businesses, industry peak bodies and industry leaders gain the right skills and confidence to proactively grow the local economy and leverage new economic opportunities.

View the Kangaroo Island: Initial Assessment of Economic Impacts of the Transformation Project by Associate Professor Michael O'Neil from the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies, 
View the presentation (PDF, 1325 KB) by Mark Gill from the South Australian Tourism Commission on opportunities for business growth from tourism.

2. Support for Developers / Project Proponents

Status: Underway

The Commissioner for Kangaroo Island, Wendy Campana is charged with assisting in developing the local economy. The Commissioner has been working with developers to help facilitate their interactions with government during the planning assessment phase of their projects.

The Commissioner is working with developers, where required, on issues such as freight, essential services and workforce needs.

3. Workforce Participation: Support for Recruitment Agencies, Training Providers, and Job Seekers

Status: Underway
Partners: OCKI, DSD
Funding: $223,000

Workforce needs for the construction and operation phases of the developments will be assessed through an island-wide workforce development plan, which is expected to be developed in 2017/2018. An ‘action plan’ that has established the scope for the Plan has been completed.

It is expected that skills development will be primarily required in areas such as construction, retail, hospitality, tourism.